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Accessory Office The office of realtor, insurance salesman, physician, lawyer, clergyman, teacher or other profession of like character.
Adult Related Facilities A business or establishment which offers its patrons services or entertainment characterized by an emphasis on matter depicting, describing or relating to "specific sexual activities" or "specified anatomical areas."
Apartment Multi-family dwelling units where individual dwelling units share a common access. Each unit shares with other units a common yard area.
Automobile Sales
Bed-and-Breakfast An owner-occupied single-family dwelling, containing a common kitchen and dining room, in which not more than five guests bedrooms for lodging, long or short-term is provided for compensation and in which meals for lodgers may also be provided. This use shall not include group homes.
Boardinghouse A dwelling, or part thereof, in which lodging is provided for compensation by an owner or operator to three or more nontransient adults who are unrelated to the provider, and who require no special assistance or service beyond food and shelter.
Car Wash A building, or portion thereof, wherein: (1) one or more vehicles may be washed simultaneously using mechanized laundry equipment or (2) a self-service car wash within a partially enclosed structure.
Cemetery A burial place or graveyard including mausoleum, crematory or columbarium.
Commercial Accessory Structure Includes, commercial accessory buildings or structures, or uses customarily incidental to the uses permitted in the commercial and industrial districts in connection with such uses, except outside storage.
Commercial Outdoor Display and Storage A commercial activity in which merchandise is displayed and/or stored outdoors.
Commercial School Trade or professional school, music or dancing school.
Community Center Community center, adult education center or other similar facility operated by an educational, philanthropic or religious institution. 
Contracting Offices and shops such as building, cement, electrical, heating, masonry, painting and roofing.
Convenience Store A retail store selling foodstuffs and household supplies for the convenience of the neighboring population.
Conversion The division of an existing single family detached dwelling to two or more apartments as defined herein.
Crafts Plumbing shop, carpentry shop, cabinet-making, furniture-making and similar crafts.
Day-Care Facility An establishment in which care is provided for seven or more people at any one time, where the care areas are not being used as a family residence and the provider meets the requirements of day-care facilities as specified by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Public Welfare, the Township Building and Fire Codes, and which is registered with the Township.
Dwelling in Combination A single-family dwelling unit in combination with an existing or permitted office or commercial use, provided parking requirements for the nonresidential units are met.
Emergency and Municipal Facility Fire, ambulance, rescue and other emergency service and government buildings of a municipal or volunteer nature, on parcels with a minimum size of one acre. 
Entertainment Entertainment and recreation facilities operated as a gainful business within a building.
Financial Establishment A bank, savings and loan association or credit union.
Forestry The management of forests and timberlands when practiced in accordance with accepted silvicultural principles, through developing, cultivating, harvesting, transporting and selling trees for commercial purposes, which does not involve any land development.
Fraternal Organization Meeting Facility Land and buildings used by a nonprofit fraternal organization, which organization is dedicated primarily to the education, entertainment and betterment of its members and to charitable purposes; the use of which land and buildings may include lodge and meeting rooms, auditorium and related stage facilities, office areas ancillary to the activities of the nonprofit fraternal organization and related uses.
Funeral Home/Mortuary
Golf Course Golf course (not including, miniature gulf course), including club house, restaurant and other accessory uses, provided these are clearly accessory to the golf course.
Greenhouse A business, the primary function of which is the sale of plants, shrubbery, trees, tools and equipment related thereto.
Group Care Facility A facility, licensed or certified by a governmental or sponsoring agency, which provided room and board and specialized services for six or more residents who are mentally or physically handicapped or any number of residents who are recovering alcoholics, abused or battered persons, persons in a prison work-release program or delinquent children adjudicated by the criminal court system under the age of 18 who are in need of supervision for specialized health, social and/or rehabilitative services.
Group Home
(1) A dwelling where room and board is provided to not more than five permanent residents, including and limited to dependent children (excluding those adjudicated by the criminal court system), mentally retarded or physically handicapped persons of any age or elderly persons, 62 or more years of age, who are in need of supervision and specialized services and no more than two supervisors on any shift who may or may not reside in the dwelling and who provide health, social and/or rehabilitative services to the residents. The services shall be provided only by a governmental agency, its licensed or certified agents, or any other responsible nonprofit social services corporation and the facility shall meet the minimum requirements of the sponsoring agency.
(2) A group home shall be considered a single family dwelling and shall be authorized wherever a single family dwelling is permitted subject to the requirements of the district applicable to single-family dwellings.
Health Care Campus With Ancillary Retail A full scale health services community and campus and hospital complex or any elements thereof, which shall include any one or more of the following uses: hospitals; clinics, weight loss clinics; teaching and research facilities; heliports and related facilities; laboratories; supply facilities for medical equipment and accessories (e.g., dentures, geriatric aids, wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, home beds and bathroom accessories for the disabled, hairpieces, wigs and other hair products for cancer patients, hearing aids, orthopedics, oxygen tanks, prosthetics, sports medicine bicycles, weights and whirlpools, uniforms, lab equipment and religious supplies); child care facilities; nursing facilities; nursing homes; sports medicine facilities; life care facilities (long term care, skilled nursing and continuing care facilities); dormitories; hotels, motels and other lodging which are primarily accessory or incidental to the operation of a health care campus; parking, including parking structures; conference centers; automated teller machines ("ATM"); hospital related pharmacies; medical school bookstore; auto center for the maintenance of hospital/medical vehicles; post office substation (as opposed to a full-service post office); food preparation and serving facilities; and medical office buildings, health care administrative buildings and other office buildings primarily incidental or accessory to the operations of the health care campus or other health related operations. Ancillary retail shall mean retail businesses, including but not limited to, retail shops, barber and beauty shops, dry cleaners and shoe repair shops, banking facilities, pharmacies (other than hospital related) and restaurants which are primarily accessory or incidental to the operation of a health care campus.
Heliports or other Aircraft Landing Areas
Home Occupation An activity for gain customarily carried on in a dwelling clearly incidental and secondary to the use of the dwelling for residential purposes.
Hospital An establishment (including sanitariums) for the short-term care of patients suffering from physical or mental illnesses, but not including narcotics addiction or those found to be criminally insane, and which may or may not include facilities for major surgery and which may be publicly or privately operated.
Junkyard An area of land, with or without buildings, used for the storage outside of a completely enclosed building, or used or discarded materials including, but not limited to, waste paper, rags, glass, metal, building materials, house furnishings, machinery, vehicles or parts thereof, with or without the dismantling, processing, salvage, sale or other use or disposition of the same.
Landscape Contracting and Supply Business A commercial landscaping contractor business that includes the storage of vehicles, equipment and landscape supplies for the commercial sale, transportation and installation of landscape supply materials.
Landscape Supply Business The commercial outdoor storage, display and/or sale of landscape supplies.
Library or Museum
Lumberyard Includes planing mill.
Manufacturing Includes the production, processing, cleaning, testing, and distribution of materials, goods, foodstuffs and products.
Medical Marijuana Dispensary A person, including a natural person, corporation, partnership, association, trust, or other entity, or any combination thereof, which is properly registered by the Department of Health to dispense medical marijuana pursuant to the Medical Marijuana Act.
Medical Marijuana Grower/Processor A person, including a natural person, corporation, partnership, association, trust, or other entity, or any combination thereof, which is properly registered by the Department of Health to grow and process medical marijuana pursuant to the Medical Marijuana Act.
Medical Office Office or clinic other than home occupation, for medical or dental examination or treatment of persons as out-patients, including laboratories incidental thereto.
Mobile Home Park A parcel or contiguous parcels of land which has been so designated and improved that it contains two or more mobile home lots for the placement thereon of mobile homes.
Motel, Hotel A building or group of buildings for the accommodation of transient guests, chiefly motorists, containing guest rooms for rent.
No-Impact Home Business A business or commercial activity administered or conducted as an accessory use which is clearly secondary to the use as a residential dwelling and which involves no customer, client or patient traffic, whether vehicular or pedestrian, pickup, deliver or removal functions to or from the premises, in excess of those normally associated with residential use.
Nursing Home A facility licensed to operate as such by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the purpose of providing skilled or intermediate nursing care and related medical or other health services.
Office Uses
Parabolic or Satellite Dish Antennas
Personal Care Boarding Home A facility licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania located within a dwelling where room and board is provided to more than three permanent residents who are not relatives of the operator and who are mobile or semi-mobile and require specialized services in such matters as bathing, dressing, diet and medication prescribed for self-administration for a period exceeding 24 hours, but who are not in need of hospitalization or skilled or intermediate nursing care.
Place of Worship Place of religious worship.
Printing Printing, publishing, binding.
Private Club
Private Recreational Facility A recreational facility owned or operated by a nongovernmental agency.
Public Lot/Garage Any garage available to the general public not included within the definition of "private garage." This includes public parking structures or ramps.
Public Recreational Facility Recreational facility or park owned or operated by the Township or other governmental agency.
Public Solid Waste Disposal Site For more information, please refer to § 27-9064X.
Public Utility Building and Storage Yard Transformer station, pumping station, relay station, towers (transmission or relay), substations, switching center, sewage treatment plant and any similar or related installations, not including public land fills or communication towers.
Repair Shop Repair shop for appliances, small engines, outboard motors, go-carts, motorcycles, mopeds, bicycles, guns, locks, and small business machines. Motorcycle and moped inspection shall be allowed. State licensed motor vehicle inspection shall not be permitted.
Research Research, testing, or experimental laboratory.
Residential Accessory Structure Includes, but shall not be limited to: parking areas for personally owned vehicles, fences, retaining/decorative walls, bathhouses, private greenhouses, carports, and recreational facilities such as tennis courts, basketball courts and swimming pools.
Residential Day-Care Facility Day care in a single-family detached residence or a single-family party wall dwelling limited to six or fewer persons including persons under care related to the operator.
Restaurant An establishment designed and operated for the express purpose of providing food and beverages service within the confines of a structure and generally excluding any encouragement, orientation or accommodation of services or products to the patron's automobiles on or within the premises. The sale of alcoholic beverages must be incidental to the sale and consumption of food.
(1) High turnover: An restaurant where food is inexpensive or moderately prices and the customer turnover time is generally less than one hour, including drive-in and take out establishments.
(2) Low turnover: An restaurant where food is more expensive and where the customer turnover time is generally one hour or longer.
(3) Fast food: An restaurant characterized by a limited menu and generally catering to drive-through traffic.
Retail Store
School Any public, private or parochial place of instruction having regular sessions, with regularly employed instructors, which teaches those academic subjects that are fundamental and essential in general education and which provide pre-primary and or kindergarten through twelfth grade, or a vocational school, all meeting the requirements of the Department of Education of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, but excluding any privately operated school of trades, vocations, avocations or business.
Self-Storage Mini Warehouse A building or grow of buildings containing one or more individual compartmentalized storage units for inside storage of customers goods or wares where no unit exceeds 500 square feet in floor area.+
Service Business Including, but not limited to, barber, beautician, laundry and dry cleaning, shoe repair, tailor, photographer, travel agency, and copying services.
Shopping Center A group of retail stores and other authorized uses, developed as a single entity on a site whether developed at one time or in phases or by different owners.
Single-Family Detached Dwellings for the purpose of housing a single-family as defined herein, situated on individual lots with no public or community open space. All dwelling units shall be situated on permanent masonry foundations, including footings constructed below the frost line. Sometimes also referred to in this chapter as "one-family dwelling."
Tavern An establishment which serves alcoholic beverages for on-premises consumption and which is licensed by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.
Temporary Structure
Townhouse Single-family, attached dwelling unit, with one dwelling unit from ground to roof, having no more than two walls in common and each unit having individual outside access. In any one structure containing townhouses, three units is the minimum number permitted and six units is the maximum number permitted.
Truck Sales Includes truck and heavy equipment repair and sales.
Truck Terminal Trucking terminal licensed by the Public Utilities Commission.
Two-Family Single-family, semi-detached dwelling unit having only one wall in common with another dwelling unit. Duplex and double house are both two-family dwelling unit types.
Upholsterer/Cabinet Maker
Vehicle Repair and Inspection Vehicle repair garage, including paint spraying and body and fender work or car-washing facility, provided that all repair and paint work is performed within an enclosed building.
Vehicle Salvage Yard Any land or structure used for a salvaging operation of two or more unlicensed, inoperative vehicles. Salvaging includes storage and sale of vehicular parts or vehicles.
Vehicle Service Station
Vehicular Accessories Sale of new vehicular accessories, parts, tires, batteries, and other supplies.
Wholesale Wholesale business and storage
Wireless Communications Antennas or Towers Any device used for the transmission or reception of radio, television, wireless telephone, pager, commercial mobile radio service or any other wireless communications signals, including, without limitation, omnidirectional or whip antennas and directional or panel antennas, owned or operated by any person or entity licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to operate such device. This definition shall not include private residence mounted satellite dishes or television antennas or amateur radio equipment including without limitation ham or citizen band radio antennas. A tower is a structure other than a building, such as a monopole, self-supporting lattice or guyed tower, designed and used to support wireless communications antennas.